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In lieu of an official bug tracking system this page holds a list of problems, their status and links to the discussion board if there has been any discussion. There is a page linking all open and closed bugs of CoCoA releases here.

CoCoALib 0.98.0 release

  • compile failure with gcc 3.3.1 on SuSE 9.0: The compilation of CoCoALib fail due to issues in the header containing SmartPtr. This cannot be fixed by us in a reasonable amount of time, so please update your compiler. Updating to another 3.3.x release does not fix the problem since the same headers are picked up again. 3.4.x as well as 4.0.x and 4.1.x work fine even on that rather old distribution.
  • link failure with Intel C++ on Linux: Files in TmpFactorDir is compiled as C code due to having lower case .c extensions. This leads to a link failure in test-factor.C. The solutions is to rename the file extension from lower case c to an upper case C. This will hopefully be fixed in a future release. FIXME: add script to do this.
  • crashes in InterreduceGB or F5: This has only been observed with MSVC 2005 and MSVC 2005 SP1. Both are bugs in the CoCoALib 0.98.0 release, a patch can be found here. It applies cleanly against 0.98.0.

Please update to 0.98.0 because it fixes a number of issues. If you have problems porting your code please contact us in the forum.

Open Bugs in CoCoALib 0.96.1

  • build issue with gcc 4.1.x

Open Bugs in CoCoALib 0.96.0


Open Bugs in CoCoALib 0.94


Open Bugs in CoCoALib 0.92

The currently known problems are:

  • When using shells other than bash (and even the bash shipped with cygwin) the build process will fail when creating dependencies due to problems with the echo command. There are several workarounds (FIXME: add link)
  • Neither the library nor the server compiles on Solaris due to problems when linking to the socket libraries. Adding "-lresolv -lsocket -lnsl" to LIBS in common.mki solves the problem.
  • In case you unzip the sources with winzip (perhaps the same occurs with other tools!) some of the tests of the library will fail, although everything is ok. This is due to the fact that certain utilities (especially under Windows) "help" you by converting text files from the Unix text format to Windows text format.
  • There are also some smaller inconsistencies between the library and the examples and the documentation, but no mayor problem.

Closed Bugs

Since this Wiki started after the CoCoALib 0.92 release we haven't added any information regarding bugs in prior releases. There has never been an official bug database (ar least to our knowledge), so we don't know when those information might be provided.

CoCoALib 0.92

  • The example ex-NF.c compiles but segfaults on x86-64. For details see this topic on the discussion board. This issue has been fixed as of CoCoALib 0.93 CVS-2005-09-23.
  • The Buchberger framework exhibits crashed on x86-64. This probably effects other 64 bit platforms, too. There are no issues with 32 bit platforms. The issue has been fixed in CoCoALib 0.93 CVS.

further Problems

In case you encounter any problems not mentioned here, please tell the developers of the library! If you solved the problems yourself simply change this FAQ (by click on Edit and than add your information where ever it fits) and add what you did.

In case you have not been able to solve your problems do not hesitate and explain them in the CoCoA discussion board, such that the developers are able to solve them and can add the information here.

This will help to create a better documentation for CoCoA!