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list commands according to type


This function prints a list of commands associated with the string S.

For example, H.Commands("poly") will list all documented commands

having to do with polynomials. Unlike ?, this function searches only the list of commands (not both the list of commands and online manual, both of which are a part of the online help system). Also, unlike ?, this function does not try to use the string S to identify a unique function. Instead it looks for all functions whose type is S, i.e., that are somehow related with the search string S. The types are often the names of data types in CoCoA. A complete list of these types, along with additional information, can be found by entering H.Commands(), without any argument.

After a command name is found, complete information on the command can

be obtained using ?. The function H.Syntax prints just the

syntax for the command.

Note: entering H.Commands("") will produce a complete list of the

documented commands.