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Welcome to the ApCoCoA Website

ApCoCoA, which is the acronym of Applied Computations in Computer Algebra, is a computer algebra framework based on the computer algebra system CoCoA. In this Wiki you can find the complete ApCoCoA manual, the newest versions and useful How To's around ApCoCoA and its packages.

What is CoCoA?

Latest Version: CoCoA-5.3.2 (09.10.2020)


CoCoA is a computer algebra software used for computations with multivariate polynomial rings. Originally, this Wiki was designed to contain manual pages for CoCoA-4, an earlier version of CoCoA. The articles concerning CoCoA-4 can be found in the CoCoA section of this Wiki and Category:CoCoA4.

Although CoCoA-4 can still be downloaded, it is no longer developed since CoCoA-5 was released in June 2011 with a new syntax and a techically advanced implementation in C++.

Informations about functions in CoCoA-5 can be found in the official CoCoA-5 Manual. More informations about CoCoA itself can be found on

What is ApCoCoA-1?

Latest Version: ApCoCoA-1.9.1 (11.10.2013)


ApCoCoA-1 is a computer algebra framework based on CoCoA-4. In brief, ApCoCoA-1 is CoCoA-4 wrapped in an Eclipse GUI and provided with a lot of additional functionalities like e.g. extra packages and access from CoCoA-4 code to external libraries like GLPK, Gnuplot, CryptoMiniSat and many more. For a detailed description and a full list of provided functionalities, see What is ApCoCoA. For a manual, see ApCoCoA-1 Manual.

After the end of the developement of CoCoA-4, ApCoCoA-1 soon also stopped being updated.

What is ApCoCoA-2?

Latest Version: ApCoCoA-2.0 Beta (12.04.2021)


The main idea of ApCoCoA-2 is to create something like ApCoCoA-1, but based on CoCoA-5 and wrapped in a GUI based on IntelliJ.

For testing ApCoCoA-2, just download the latest version and proceed as explained on the download page.

A detailed description for building ApCoCoA-2 by yourself can be found at the page Developer Documentation.

For a list and documentation of already available packages, see the package list containing all ApCoCoA-2 packages, which are already documented in this Wiki.

What is CoCoALib?

CoCoALib is a C++ library for doing computations in Commutative Algebra. It is the kernel of CoCoA-5 and strictly spoken still under developement, but can already be downloaded from the official CoCoA website.

What is ApCoCoALib?

ApCoCoALib is a C++ library extending CoCoALib. It is included in ApCoCoA-1 and can be accessed through the ApCoCoA Server.