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=ApCoCoA Team Members=
=ApCoCoA Team Members=
** [http://staff.fim.uni-passau.de/~kreuzer/ Martin Kreuzer] (Team leader, Border basis)
* [http://staff.fim.uni-passau.de/~kreuzer/ Martin Kreuzer] (Team leader, Border basis)
* [[User:Andraschko| Bernhard Andraschko]]
* Julian Danner
* [[User:Walsh| Florian Walsh]]

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ApCoCoA Team Members

For contact details have a look at the website of the chair for symbolic computation at the University of Passau.

Former members

Close collaborators

The CoCoA Team (http://cocoa.dima.unige.it/research/)


  • Shell International Exploration & Production (Rijswijk/NL)
  • The GMP team
  • The LinBox team
  • The Atlas and BLAS/LAPACK teams
  • The GLPK team
  • The LattE and LattE macchiato teams