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what about renaming into PPMonoid and adding it to the category CoCoALib ?

I'd think that is more useful 11:43, 16 Jul 2005 (CEST) (dheldt@home)

Exactly what I wanted to do... how do you add it to a category? I actually made a category "documentation" which should become a :subcategory of CoCoALib....
Bigatti 12:00, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)
You add a tag like [ [ Category:Name ] ]
(without blanks between the brackets.
dheldt 13:15, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)

License issue

Anna, the first paragraph is a link to the COPYING file. somehow you should add the file to the wiki or change the headers text...

dheldt 08:26, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)

True... That is just an experiment. Do you know if I can get a "<" symbol instead of "<" when I wget this file?
Bigatti 11:59, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)
I think there is no chance to do so. make a replace all or write a small script that does this.
dheldt 13:16, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)


Documentation is a subcategory of cocoalib, so we do not have to add every article into the category cocoalib, too. either documentation is a category for all documentation and we add article to documentation and the special topic, or we add it only to documentation, containing only the cocoalibs docu.

i would suggest to create a category Documentation CoCoALib, Subcategory of Documentation and CoCoALib and add articles like this one only to this Subcategory.

you oppinion?

dheldt 15:03, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)

I thought about that, but which other documentation should we have?
Another question: can you make a numbered list?
Bigatti 15:17, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)
yep. I had to screw up the identation to get it to work.
Mabshoff 15:25, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)
  1. first item
  2. second item

other documentation: CoCoAL, the category is more or less
documentation only. some doku for user interfaces,
for the server, for cocoa 4, ...
although we do not have it today it might be handy to have
a structure that can be easily extended.
dheldt 15:28, 18 Jul 2005 (CEST)