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This article is about a function from ApCoCoA-2. If you are looking for the ApCoCoA-1 version of it, see ApCoCoA-1:SAT.GetResult.


Looks up the configuration of the indeterminates in a file by a SAT-Solver.


SAT.GetResult(File: STRING, P: RING): LIST


  • @param: The file containing the output of the SAT solver CryptoMiniSat.

  • @return: A solution of a polynomial system of equations as a list of values in the ring P


Use S ::= ZZ/(2)[x[1..3]];
F1 := x[1]*x[2] + x[1]*x[3] + x[2]*x[3] + x[3];
F2 := x[2] + 1;
F3 := x[1]*x[2] + x[3];
SPE := [F1,F2,F3];
CNFPath := SAT.ConvertToCNF(SPE,4,0,0);
SolPath := SAT.LaunchCryptoMiniSat(CNFPath);
--Result: [0,1,0] Test with: Eval(SPE,[0,1,0]);

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