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ApCoCoA is developed by the ApCoCoA Team, which is lead by Martin Kreuzer. Since we are a small team and there is much to do, new contributors are always welcome. If you want to help with the Wiki, you need to get an account, so please contact one of our team members who is working on the Wiki about creating an account for you. Contact Details can be found at the website of the Chair of Symbolic Computation at the University of Passau.

In order to contribute a package to ApCoCoA-2, please follow the steps described in HowTo:Contribute an ApCoCoA-2 Package. There you get all informations about how to write a package and how to document it in the Wiki. A list of requested Packages can be found at ApCoCoAWiki:Requested Packages.

A to-do list especially for this Wiki can be found at ApCoCoAWiki:Todo. If you are familiar with CoCoA and want to write, then you can go to ApCoCoAWiki:Requested HowTo's for a list of requested HowTo's.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about ApCoCoA and this Wiki, please do not hesitate to contact us.