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  f3 := x*y + z;
  f3 := x*y + z;
  [[Package sat/SAT.Solve|SAT.Solve]]([f1,f2,f3]);
  [[Package sat/SAT.Solve|SAT.Solve]]([f1,f2,f3]);

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Application Examples

Computing reduced Gröbner bases:

Use P ::= QQ[x,y,z], DegRevLex;
I := ideal(P,[y-x^2,z-x^3]);
GBasis(I); -- reduced DegRevLex Gröbner basis of I

Computing reduced SAGBI bases:

Use QQ[x,y], DegLex;
SB.SAGBI([x^2*y,  x^2 -y^2,  x^2*y^2 -y^4,  x^2*y^4]);

Solving polynomial equations over using a SAT solver:

Use ZZ/(2)[x,y,z];
f1 := x*y + x*z + y*z + z;
f2 := y + 1;
f3 := x*y + z;