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This is a wiki about CoCoA and ApCoCoA. These are computer algebra systems - NOT the Apple Interface with the same name.

CoCoA is a client-server application. The server is based on CoCoALib, a C++ library, which is available under GPL v3 license. The core developer team is situated at the university of Genova. Their official homepage is

ApCoCoA is an extension of CoCoA. It consists of an ApCoCoA server, which is based on ApCoCoALib, a C++ library using CoCoALib and a client, which is compatible to CoCoA. ApCoCoA is completely open source. This wiki is the official ApCoCoA homepage as well.

You can find downloads for CoCoA and ApCoCoA in this wiki, the CoCoA Manual and ApCoCoA Manual, some HowTo's explaining how to solve specific problems with ApCoCoA and CoCoa, and a list of known issues.