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This is the official page for the computer algebra system ApCoCoA.

ApCoCoA stands for Applied Computations in Computer Algebra. It is based on the computer algebra system CoCoA, which can be found at Some information can also be found in the CoCoA section of this wiki. There is absolutely NO link to the Apple cocoa interface!

ApCoCoA is developed by the ApCoCoA Team, which is lead by Martin Kreuzer, and is always looking for new contributors.


The software ApCoCoA is a client/server application. The functionality of the server is implemented in ApCoCoALib, a GPL'ed C++ library. The client consists of an interpreter/a parser and an open source graphical user interface. All the functionality of CoCoA is provided by this client and in addition there are some new commands available. These additional commands are described in the ApCoCoA Manual.


  • 2007/10/16: As the wiki is currently restructured a lot of changes on this web page have to be expected.

Versions, changes and bugs

The current ApCoCoA version is 4.7.1 / 0.99.04. You can download the source and binaries from our download page. There are more recent versions available in our open mercurial repository. If you want to use these newest developments, please have a look at the source code management page. The latest changes between different versions are documented in the ApCoCoA:Changelog and a listing of the bugs we are aware of can be found at ApCoCoA:KnownIssues.