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Welcome to the website of the computer algebra framework ApCoCoA

ApCoCoA, which is the acronym of Applied Computations in Computer Algebra, is based on the computer algebra system CoCoA. You can find information about CoCoA on its official website and also in the CoCoA section of this wiki.

Please note: There is absolutely NO link to the Apple cocoa interface!

ApCoCoA is developed by the ApCoCoA Team, which is lead by Martin Kreuzer, and is always looking for new contributors.

What is ApCoCoA?

For a short description of what ApCoCoA is please go to this page.

ApCoCoA 2.0 Beta Released!

This beta release is made available to allow users to test and evaluate the next major version of ApCoCoA. It can be downloaded at ApCoCoA Downloads where you can also find the stable version ApCoCoA-1.9.1.

ApCoCoA goes eclipse

GUI Rearrangement.jpg

Since the release of ApCoCoA-1.2 on July 15th 2009 the default Graphical User Interface for ApCoCoA is an eclipse based GUI. It provides the full functionality of the old, well-known Qt-GUI of CoCoA and ApCoCoA as well as much more comfort and a lot of nice new features, e.g.

  • improved file management
  • user-defined colouring
  • syntax highlighting
  • line numbers
  • auto completion
  • code templates

and much more. Try and find out all features of the next generation Graphical User Interface for ApCoCoA!

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