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To report a bug, add a line describing the problem and how to reproduce it in the "Open" section.


  • Moccha uses some Java-1.6 specifics s.a. String.isEmpty() which shoule be avoided due to 1.5 compatibility.
    • ST-2010-12-15: Fixed for the problem in question, however we need to check all files for this issue. However, we need a pure 1.5 installation for this.
  • Opening of library files broken. Add new project, go to libraries, try to open. Instead of the content, an error message is displayed in the editor window. MacOS X, ST
  • ApCoCoA default interpreter missing. After an update via the Eclipse update mechanism the default ApCoCoA interpreter is missing and it is not possible to add a new interpreter other than 'cocoa_text'. Linux 32 (Update), SK


  • Inconvenience While restarting ApCoCoA with Moccha. While working in Eclips GUI(Moccha) when we restart ApCoCoA with restart button then it asks for saving the unsaved file if there is any. It would be nice if it do not asks for it. Moccha(Windows), EU
    • ST-2010-12-14: There is an option Save required dirty editors before launching under Preferences > Run/Debug > Launchin, which you can set to Always, Never or Prompt.
  • '#######VERSIONSTRING#######' not replaced. The string '#######VERSIONSTRING#######' is not being replaced but should be replaced with current version number. Linux 32 (Update), SK
  • ApCoCoAServer doesn't lauch correctly for ApCoCoA GUI in Mac.
    • ST-2010-12-15: ApCoCoAServer was compiled on 10.6, the problem occured on a 10.5 machine. After recompiling needed libraries and server with cxx-flags "-isysroot /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk -mmacosx-version-min=10.5" it is now exectuable again on the 10.5 machine.