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IntelliJ GUI

IntelliJ gui.jpg

This is the newest version of ApCoCoA. Note that this is a Beta version and some functionality is still missing. More documentation coming soon!

Eclipse GUI (Discontinued)

GUI Rearrangement.jpg
  • For an installation guide and a short introduction to the eclipse GUI please go to this page.
  • On this page you can find information about building (Ap)CoCoALib under eclipse and accessing the ApCoCoA svn-repository from eclipse.
  • This page contains all about the development of the GUI based on eclipse.

Text Editors

If you prefer a classic text editor, you have the choice between Vim and Emacs. Both offer nice features for working with CoCoA. If you never used one of these editors we recommend to use the IntelliJ GUI instead.




Vim plugin.jpg

Matlab Interface (Discontinued)