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*[http://www.apcocoa.org/download/apcocoa/sources/ApCoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz ApCoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz] (175kb)
*[http://apcocoa.org/download/apcocoa/sources/ApCoCoALib-0.99.07.tar.gz ApCoCoALib-0.99.07.tar.gz] (233kb) - this is a complete mercurial repo
*[http://www.apcocoa.org/download/apcocoa/sources/ApCoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz ApCoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz] (175kb) - this is a complete mercurial repo
*[http://www.apcocoa.org/download/apcocoa/sources/CoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz CoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz] (3.6mb)
*[http://www.apcocoa.org/download/apcocoa/sources/CoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz CoCoALib-0.99.05.tar.gz] (3.6mb)

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The following binaries provide the functionality of CoCoA 4.7 together with the additional capabilities of the ApCoCoA library (Version 0.99). They are equipped with a graphical user interface. For the official CoCoA binaries, visit the CoCoA home page.

Windows x86

Linux x86

Linux x86-64

MacOSX universal



This is the initial version, for details, please check out the ApCoCoA:Changelog