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==ApCoCoA Eclipse GUI with ApCoCoA 1.2==
'''Short installation guide:'''
# Download and unpack the Eclipse GUI package.
# Go into the folder apcocoa and start apcocoa.exe
* Windows x86
** [http://www.apcocoa.org/download/moccha/win32/ApCoCoABuild-win32.win32.x86-RC1.zip ApCoCoA GUI Relase Candidate 1] with [http://www.apcocoa.org/download/moccha/win32/ApCoCoABuild-win32.win32.x86-RC1.zip.md5 md5sum] (2009/09/07)

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The following releases provide the functionality of CoCoA 4.7 together with the additional capabilities of the ApCoCoA library. They are equipped with a graphical user interface. For the official CoCoA releases, visit the CoCoA home page.


ApCoCoA Eclipse GUI with ApCoCoA 1.2

Short installation guide:

  1. Download and unpack the Eclipse GUI package.
  2. Go into the folder apcocoa and start apcocoa.exe


Please note: It is recommended to use ApCoCoA-1.2 with the beta version of the new eclipse-GUI. For Installation go to eclipse-GUI installation guide. As soon as possible there will be a standalone version of the eclipse-GUI, too. Below you find the executables for ApCoCoA-1.2 using the old, well-known Qt-GUI.



Older versions


To build ApCoCoALib from source, please follow the compilation instructions.


The subversion repository contains the bleeding-edge developmental versions of ApCoCoALib.


ApCoCoALib-1.02.tar.gz (1.4MB) with these build specifications.


ApCoCoALib-1.01.tar.gz (1.3MB) with these build specifications.


ApCoCoALib.tar.gz compiles against CoCoALib-0.9914.tgz (1.1MB)

Deprecated sources


Only available for MS Windows. For details see ApCoCoA:MatlabToolbox.

  • Version 1.02 - Based on CoCoALib 0.99.25 and ApCoCoALib as of 30.01.2009.