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Revision as of 21:40, 20 June 2005 by Mabshoff (talk | contribs)

Hi. I think here should be a more generous FAQ about CoCoA 5, leading to different special aspects. I added CoCoA Lib 5 and Cygwin FAQ and put in your text... I will write it in a nice way this eveening.... please add the texts as mabshoff, not as admin :)




Ok, as Karsten requested I corrected some of the structual issues. We are all still learning. What's the best way to do a verbatim section, i.e. code listing or console output?

I agree about the extend of the FAQ. I am currently working on 4.4 on Windows. I would suggest breaking out the stuff about the gmp since that info applies to CoCoA 4 as well as the CoCoALib on all platforms.