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What is CoCoA?

CoCoA is a computer algebra system. The CoCoA project comprises a small group of researchers studying Computations in Commutative Algebra. CoCoA is being developed at the University of Genova (Italy). In addition to this wiki there is a discussion board for users of CoCoA and the CoCoAlib.

Which releases are available?

At the moment there are two releases of CoCoA, namely CoCoA 4 and CoCoA 5. You can also find some information about releases of CoCoA and its history here, as well as some How To's, describing how to solve special problems with CoCoA. Also, there is a list of articles, containing some documentation for the recent versions of CoCoA.

Most versions of CoCoA have a graphical user interface, utilizing CoCoALanguage as computing language. With CoCoALib, a C++ library, it is possible to use the CoCoA computing engine for the development of your own applications.

How is CoCoA licensed?

CoCoALib is available under the GPL V2, CoCoA 4.X is freely available for research and educational purposes.

What can we compute with CoCoA?

CoCoA is a special-purpose computer algebra system whose particular strength include

  • Gröbner bases
  • polynomial factorization
  • exact linear algebra
  • Hilbert functions
  • ideal of points
  • toric ideals

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