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Besides the official CoCoA download page the University of Dortmund also provides a number of downloads of CoCoA. Those builds linked below usually point to that mirror. Those builds are usually very close to the one ins Genua. On occasion the build team in Dortmund puts out test builds which are mentioned in the appropriate sections.

CoCoA 4.4 on Microsoft Windows

There is no public release at the moment. A build without support for the CoCoAServer should be available shortly, i.e. 48 hours after 18:49, 24 Jun 2005 (CEST). One must know that CoCoA time is not linked in a linear fashion to real time, i.e. 48 hours in real time can represent several weeks or months in CoCoA time - everybody who has ever developed software can tell a similar tale.

This release is build with MinGW, hence it is 32 bit only. Since it isn't clear when MinGW will support 64 bit Windows it is unclear when and if such a release will exist. This also depends on demand from other developers since the build team will not waste its time with something nobody uses. Microsoft has taken its time to get a 64 bit version of Windows for x86-64 out the door (roughly 2.5 years after the first useable distributions for linux showed up) and none of the developers of CoCoA has a x86-64 box running on Windows while there are plenty of those boxes running Linux.

CoCoA 4.4 on Linux

All three interfaces are supported. There are a couple of different builds available:

CoCoA 4.4 on MacOSX

All three interfaces are supported. The builds have been build on MacOSX 10.3, a.k.a. Panther. There have been reports that the text- and Emacs-interface also work on MacOSX 10.4, a.k.a. Tiger.

  • MacCoCoA-text
  • MacCoCoA-Qt (statically linked)

CoCoA 4.4 on Solaris

There is no public release at the moment. CoCoA 4.4 compiles just fine in 32bit as well as 64bit mode with gcc as well as the SUN Forte compiler but doesn't pass the testsuite yet. Once the windows port is finished work should resume on the sun port.

CoCoA 4.4 on other Unixes

None at the moment. Upon request we can build a version for pretty much any given Unix provided

  • there is a fairly recent gcc (2.95 and older should work) or any other decent C/C++ compiler
  • we can can compile gmp-4.1.4

These two requirements shouldn't be hard to satisfy.