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CoCoA 4.6.90 is a preview release of the upcoming CoCoA 4.7. The release of CoCoA 4.6.90 is scheduled for Oct. 7th, 2006. The release is intented as a test for many of the new features that will ship with CoCoA 4.7.

As the number of people who contribute to CoCoA 4.X and the CoCoALib grows it has become more difficult to coordinate among the contributors. So what used to be handled in a very informal manner between a group of 2 or 3 people residing in close physical proximity in Genova has become a more difficult due to the distributed nature of the new contributors. We hope that this wiki page as well as the CoCoA forum in general will lead to a better release experience.

Status of CoCoA 4.6.90 & CoCoALib 0.97.4 subprojects

While most development happens on the side of the CoCoALib, many subprojects are also integrated into the current CoCoA client, i.e. CoCoA 4.X. Due to this many sub projects appear for both CoCoA 4.6.90 and the CoCoALib 0.97.4.

CoCoA 4.6.90

FIXME: add (more) details

  1. Weyl-algebras
  2. Preprocessing
  3. Multiple parameters
  4. FGLM
  5. Border bases
  6. SVD & QR
  7. Eigenvalue solver: maybe - time permitting.
  8. approx BM
  9. Universal binaries for MacOSX
  10. non-commutative monoids/polynomials
  11. optimization of WinSockets
  12. print warning for "<<" instead of "Source" and "Use Q[xy]" instead of "Use Q[x,y]"
  13. test that the CoCoAServer matches the CoCoAClient

CoCoALib 0.97.4

FIXME: add (more) details

  1. SUGAR
  2. Hilbert-functions
  3. Weyl-algebras: done, samples in examples/. Still unstable interface: now does something funny to make an elimination ordering
  4. Preprocessing
  5. FGLM
  6. Border bases
  7. SVD & QR
  8. Eigenvalue solver: maybe - time permitting.
  9. approx BM
  10. Universal binaries for MacOSX
  11. non-commutative monoids/polynomials
  12. optimization of WinSockets
  13. LAPACK/BLAS abstraction-layer
  14. CoCoALib build-support for VS 2003/2005