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CoCoA 4 is no longer in development. The current release is CoCoA 4.7.3. It can be downloaded at

CoCoA 4 uses and is programmed in CoCoALanguage.


There are three different CoCoA 4 clients:

  • cocoa-text: provides a bare bones interface. Most users won't use this version, but it can be useful when running computations in batch mode on a shell.
  • Emacs-plugin: provides an Emacs interfaces that is a lot more comfortable than the bare bones cocoa-text. This client is more popular with the Linux/MacOSX/Unix crowd.
  • cocoa-qt: provides a GUI written in Qt, multiple input windows and integrated html-help. This client is more popular with the Windows crowd.

All clients use the same computing engince so you should get the same result regardless of the client. On certain corner cases the clients show different behauviour, i.e. very long strings (2Megabytes+) seem to upset certain version of Emacs, while the Qt-client can handle strings pretty much the size of your RAM and then some. Each client has its own limitations and strength, so use the one that you are comfortable with and does the job for you.

Supported Plattforms

At the moment the following operating systems are supported:

  • MacOSX
  • PowerPC running LinuxPPC
  • Pc running Linux
  • Pc running Windows
  • Sun
  • DEC Alpha workstations (version 4.2)
  • ARM (version 4.2)

For some more information on currently available releases of CoCoA-4 check out the dowload page and CoCoA4 Builds.