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MiniSat [http://www.minisat.se],   
MiniSat [http://www.minisat.se],   
CryptoMiniSat [http://planete.inrialpes.fr/~soos/CryptoMiniSat/index.html],   
CryptoMiniSat [https://www.msoos.org/cryptominisat5/],   
DIMACS [http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/]
DIMACS [http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/]

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The basic idea behind this package is to make SAT-Solver, like (Crypto-)MiniSat, usable in/with ApCoCoA.

This package allows to solve polynomial systems over GF(2) by first converting the system to CNF-SAT in DIMACS format and then using a SAT-Solver to solve the resulting conjunctive normal form.

Please note: The function(s) explained on this page is/are using the ApCoCoAServer. You will have to start the ApCoCoAServer in order to use it/them.

Important: The MiniSat executable must be in ApCoCoA_directory/sat/bin and you must have the permissions to read and write in this directory.

For further informations about SAT-Solver and the DIMACS format see the following links:

MiniSat [1], CryptoMiniSat [2], DIMACS [3]

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