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New Features for the new GUI

Extending history functions

Working with 4.5 (and having to restart it quite often), I had the following idea: Matlab has a history of commands, saved during sessions. So you can recall the last commands of the last session via "arrow up". the same feature would be nice for CoCoA's "Alt+ left arrow"...

Matlab has also an optional window, having a list/ print of this history, for copy and paste... this is quite handy, too. an optional window or print of your history would be quite useful and I think both features are not too complicated to implement and surely worth the effort.

dheldt 11:04, 21 Oct 2005 (CEST)

QtCoCoA already has a command history (see User_Interface_Guide_Command_History_(4.4), but an additional window with previously entered commands might be a good idea (and easy to realize, too) Mabshoff 11:57, 21 Oct 2005 (CEST)
QtCoCoA has a history, that's why i was talking about extending it.
I'd like to have a history over different sessions, meaning i type $foobar, close cocoa, restart cocoa
(and probably windows, too), type "alt + enter" and there stands $foobar. up to now, this does not work