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This is a page where we list things that have to be done. (latest on top)

<cocoa> tag

See e.g. HowTo:Construct fields. Apparently, there used to be a <cocoa> tag for CoCoA code, but this tag doesn't work anymore. Change that.

New HowTo's

Write HowTo's for standard applications like jumping around between rings using homomorphisms or working with matrices. Maybe create an extra page for requested HowTo's similar to this Todo-List.

Step 1 done: See CoCoAWiki:Requested HowTo's.

Old HowTo's

The current HowTo's mainly focus on ApCoCoA-1 and CoCoA-4. Find out which of them are still relevant and move the other ones in the namespace ApCoCoA-1.

Coding style for packages

Discuss coding styles and write them down in a wiki page here. Also design all existing packages after the new rules.

Structure and Main page

Do we want to keep the current structure at Category:ApCoCoA Manual? Discuss and make the manual pages available through the main page or the sidebar!

Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA

Many pages link to a page [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA]], but there is no such page. Find out what they want and create such a page.

Introduction to CoCoAServer

Many pages link to [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to CoCoAServer]], an introduction into the old ApCoCoA 1 server, but there is no such page.