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This is a page where we list things that have to be done. (latest on top)

Main page

If you enter the wiki through [1], then you get a notification message (Redirected from ApCoCoA-1:Main Page). Fix this.

Structure and Main page

Do we want to keep the current structure at Category:ApCoCoA Manual? Discuss and make the manual pages available through the main page or the sidebar!

(done) Bot: Put version info on top of every page in the namespace ApCoCoA-1

Insert {{Version|1}} as first line of every page in the namespace ApCoCoA-1 to inform the reader that this page is outdated.

Old weyl package

There are 15 pages in the category Category:Weyl old. Does anyone know where they are from? None of these functions exist anymore in the $apcocoa/weyl package in ApCoCoA 1.

Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA

Many pages link to a page [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA]], but there is no such page. Find out what they want and create such a page.

Introduction to CoCoAServer

Many pages link to [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to CoCoAServer]], an introduction into the old ApCoCoA 1 server, but there is no such page.

(done) Bot: Old category links

Recently, all package pages belonging to ApCoCoA 1 were moved from Category:Package <<name>> to Category:ApCoCoA-1:Package <<name>> while many old pages still link to Category:Package <<name>>. Fix this.

(done) Confusion between ApCoCoA-1 and CoCoA namespace

Many pages link to sites like [[ApCoCoA-1:Len]] instead of [[CoCoA:Len]]. Search for these pages in Special:WantedPages and either change all links or create a redirect to the CoCoA-page.

(done) Bot: fix links in the ApCoCoA-1 namespace

Recently, many pages were moved from the main namespace into the ApCoCoA-1 namespace, so the links given between <see>page name</see> and <see>page name</see> have to be changed to <see>ApCoCoA-1:page name</see> and <see>ApCoCoA-1:page name</see>.