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This is a page where we list things that have to be done. (latest on top)

Old weyl package

There are 15 pages in the category. Does anyone know where they are from? None of these functions exist anymore in the $apcocoa/weyl package in ApCoCoA 1.

Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA

Many pages link to a page [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA]], but there is no such page. Find out what they want and create such a page.

Introduction to CoCoAServer

Many pages link to [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to CoCoAServer]], an introduction into the old ApCoCoA 1 server, but there is no such page.

(done) Bot: Old category links

Recently, all package pages belonging to ApCoCoA 1 were moved from Category:Package <<name>> to Category:ApCoCoA-1:Package <<name>> while many old pages still link to Category:Package <<name>>. Fix this.

Confusion between ApCoCoA-1 and CoCoA namespace

Many pages link to sites like [[ApCoCoA-1:Len]] instead of [[CoCoA:Len]]. Search for these pages in Special:WantedPages and either change all links or create a redirect to the CoCoA-page.

(done) Bot: fix links in the ApCoCoA-1 namespace

Recently, many pages were moved from the main namespace into the ApCoCoA-1 namespace, so the links given between <see>page name</see> and <see>page name</see> have to be changed to <see>ApCoCoA-1:page name</see> and <see>ApCoCoA-1:page name</see>.