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This is a page where we list things that have to be done. (latest on top)

Coding style for packages

Discuss coding styles and write them down in a wiki page here. Also design all existing packages after the new rules.

Main page redirect

If you enter the wiki through [1], then you get a notification message (Redirected from ApCoCoA-1:Main Page). Fix this.

Structure and Main page

Do we want to keep the current structure at Category:ApCoCoA Manual? Discuss and make the manual pages available through the main page or the sidebar!

Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA

Many pages link to a page [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to Groebner Basis in CoCoA]], but there is no such page. Find out what they want and create such a page.

Introduction to CoCoAServer

Many pages link to [[ApCoCoA-1:Introduction to CoCoAServer]], an introduction into the old ApCoCoA 1 server, but there is no such page.