ApCoCoALib:Working with CMake

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Setting Initial Values

Please note also the files configuration/examples/cmake-config.*.* in the ApCoCoA repository.

 # File $AC_ROOT/configuration/CMakeOptions.mac.sts 
 set (BOOST_ROOT "/Users/shellcomputer/builds_AC2.0/local/boost_1_39_0" CACHE PATH "Boost Root")
 set (CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-m64" CACHE STRING "Flags on Mac")
 set (COCOA_ROOT "/Users/shellcomputer/CoCoA-Releases/CoCoALib-0.9928" CACHE STRING "CoCoA Root")
 set (GMP_LIBRARY_DIR "/usr/local/lib/libgmp.a" CACHE PATH "GMP dir")
 set (GMP_LIBRARY "/usr/local/lib/libgmp.a" CACHE PATH "GMP dir")

in $AC_ROOT:

 $> mkdir build
 $> cd build
 $> ccmake -C $AC_ROOT/configuration/CMakeOptions.mac.sts ..

or, if you want to skip configuration via curses:

 $> mkdir build
 $> cd build
 $> cmake -C $AC_ROOT/configuration/CMakeOptions.mac.sts ..
 $> make

For verbose make output, call

 $> VERBOSE=1 make