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ApCoCoALib is a GPL'ed C++ library, extending the functionality of CoCoALib. The library contains implementations of symbolical and numerical algorithms and is maintained and developed by the ApCoCoA Team.

Source code

You can download the source and binaries from our download page. There are more recent versions available in our open subversion repository. If you want to use these newest developments, please have a look at the source code management page.

Compilation instructions

To build ApCoCoALib from source, please follow the compilation instructions.


The library's documentation consists besides this wiki's articles of some doxygen documentation inside the source code. This documentation will be soon available online, too. Besides, there are text-files describing some parts of ApCoCoALib. These are in the libraries doc-directory, as well as in this wiki's ApCoCoALib Manual.

Known issues

Please refer to the ApCoCoA bugtracker for a list of known issues.