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ApCoCoALib is a GPL'ed C++ library, extending the functionality of CoCoALib. The library contains implementations of symbolical and numerical algorithms and is maintained and developed by the ApCoCoA Team.

To build ApCoCoALib from source, please follow the compilation instructions.


Basic dependencies
ApCoCoALib depends on the GNU MP Bignum Library and CoCoALib.

Depenencies introduces by optional features
To enable some of the optional features of ApCoCoALib you must provide several additional libraries. You do not have to enable these optional features in order to use ApCoCoALib but without them some parts of ApCoCoALib might not work or just work slower.

If you want to use the methods around approximate vanishing ideals and the numerical Buchberger-Moeller algorithm, you must have several numerical libraries present, namely BLAS and LAPACK. These can be installed most easily via ATLAS if you are using Linux/Unix or Windows. In case you use Mac OS X there is the accelerate framework which provides you working versions of all libraries needed.

Another optional dependency is LinBox which can improve the FGLM techniques especially over finite fields.

Versions, changes and bugs

The current ApCoCoALib version is 0.99.04. You can download the source and binaries from our download page. There are more recent versions available in our open mercurial repository. If you want to use these newest developments, please have a look at the source code management page. The latest changes between different versions are documented in the ApCoCoA:Changelog and a listing of the bugs we are aware of can be found at ApCoCoALib:KnownIssues.