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<command> <title>SetApCoCoAServerLogLevel</title> <short_description>Influences the amount of log output of ApCoCoAServer.</short_description>

<syntax> SetApCoCoAServerLogLevel(Lvl:INT):INT </syntax>

<description> This function sets the log level that is used by the ApCoCoAServer for displaying log output. All log messages whose log level is less than or equal to the log level Lvl will be displayed by the ApCoCoAServer after a call to this function. Available log levels are (in order of ascending priority) 0 = FATAL, 1 = ERROR (default), 2 = WARNING, 3 = INFO, and 4 = DEBUG. The function returns the log level previously used by the ApCoCoAServer.

<itemize> <item>@param Lvl The new log level to be used by the ApCoCoAServer.</item> <item>@return The log level previously used by the ApCoCoAServer.</item> </itemize>

<example> SetApCoCoAServerLogLevel(1);


-- Done.








<key>SetApCoCoAServerLogLevel</key> <key>logging</key> <key>log</key> </command>