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Computes annihilating ideal of a polynomial F^s in Weyl algebra A_n.




Please note: The function(s) explained on this page is/are using the ApCoCoAServer. You will have to start the ApCoCoAServer in order to use it/them.

This function computes annihilating ideal of a polynomial F^s using the Algorithm of Oaku and Takayama, where F is a polynomial in Weyl algebra D. F should not involve any of the indeterminates in {y1, ..., yn}. This ideal belongs to the Weyl algebra A_s =D[s]= QQ[x1, ..., xn, y1, ..., yn, s,w] where s commutes with all x_i and y_i's and w is redundant indeterminate used just to create internal structure of the weyl algebra.

  • @param F A polynomial F in the indeterminates x1, ..., xn of a Weyl Algebra D.

  • @return An ideal in A_s=QQ[x1, ..., xn,y1, ...,yn, s,w].


A2::=QQ[x[1..2],d[1..2]]; --Define appropriate ring
Use A2;
-- CoCoAServer: computing Cpu Time = 0.078
Ideal of Ring A_s = QQ[x[1..2],y[1..2],s,w]
Where current indeterminates are mapped into ring A_s as follows:
x[1] --> x[1] and d[1] --> y[1]
x[2] --> x[2] and d[2] --> y[2]

A_s :: Ideal(
  3x[1]^2y[2] + 2x[2]y[1],
  2x[1]y[1] + 3x[2]y[2] - 6s)   --AnnI belongs to the new ring A_s


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