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The ApCoCoALib sources are managed with subversion.

Downloading and installing subversion

Go to the subversion website. Then download and install the right version for your operating system.

If you work with Eclipse, you can also install the respective plug-ins, see the Eclipse HowTo

Composition of the svn-repository

The complete ApCoCoA-repository contains two subrepositories, one for ApCoCoALib and one for ApCoCoAPackages:

~$ cd repo
~/repo$ ls
ApCoCoALib  ApCoCoAPackages

Each of the subrepositories is subdivided into three directories:

~/repo$ cd ApCoCoALib/
~/repo/ApCoCoALib$ ls
branches  tags  trunk

In tags are all stable versions, i.e. at the moment ApCoCoA-1.0, and in trunk is the current version of the ApCoCoA sources:

~/repo/ApCoCoALib$ cd tags/
~/repo/ApCoCoALib/tags$ ls

Checking out sources

  • To check out the complete repository, i.e. the ApCoCoALib sources and the (Ap)CoCoA-packages, run
    svn co svn://apcocoa.org/ <target directory>
    svn co svn://apcocoa.fim.uni-passau.de/ <target directory>
    from the command line.
  • To check out only the current ApCoCoALib sources run
    svn co svn://apcocoa.org/ApCoCoALib <target directory>
    svn co svn://apcocoa.fim.uni-passau.de/ApCoCoALib <target directory>
    from the command line.
  • To check out only the current ApCoCoAPackages sources run
    svn co svn://apcocoa.org/ApCoCoAPackages <target directory>
    svn co svn://apcocoa.fim.uni-passau.de/ApCoCoAPackages <target directory>
    from the command line.

Updating the sources

To update your ApCoCoA sources, run

~/repo$ svn update

in your local repository from the command line.

The Mercurial repository

The old mercurial repository will be kept alive but will be no longer supported and updated! Although if you prefer the mercurial repository you can look at the old sourcecode management page for working with mercurial.

Subversion Help