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Checks if a given set of polynomials vanishes at a given set of points.


Num.IsAVI(Polys:LIST, Points:MAT, Epsilon:RAT):[A:INT or RAT,B:INT or RAT];


Please note: The function(s) explained on this page is/are using the ApCoCoAServer. You will have to start the ApCoCoAServer in order to use it/them.

This command checks if a set of polynomials vanishes at a set of points Epsilon approximately. The polynomials are preprocessed first to have norm 1.

  • @param Polys A list of polynomials.

  • @param Points A matrix containing the points to check.

  • @param Epsilon Rational number

  • @return A number A which specifies how well the points vanish on average and a number B which contains the maximal evaluation value


Use P::=Q[x,y,z];
-- CoCoAServer: computing Cpu Time = 0
[<quotes>0.353</quotes>, <quotes>0.707</quotes>]

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