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This article is about a function from ApCoCoA-1.


Find polynomials with specified indeterminates from a LIST of non-commutative polynomials.


NC.FindPolys(Polys:LIST, Inds:LIST):LIST


Please set non-commutative polynomial ring (via the command Use) before calling this function. For more information, please check the relevant commands and functions.

  • @param Polys: a LIST of non-commutative polynomials. Each polynomial is represented as a LIST of LISTs, and each element in every inner LIST involves only one indeterminate or none (a constant). For example, the polynomial f=2x[2]y[1]x[2]^2-9y[2]x[1]^2x[2]^3+5 is represented as F:=[[2x[1],y[1],x[2]^2], [-9y[2],x[1]^2,x[2]^3], [5]]. The zero polynomial 0 is represented as the empty LIST [].

  • @param Inds: a LIST of specified indeterminates.

  • @return: a LIST of non-commutative polynomials whose indeterminates are in Inds.


USE QQ[x[1..2],y[1..2]];
F1:= [[2x[1],y[1],x[2]^2], [-9y[2],x[1]^2,x[2]^3]]; -- 2x[1]y[1]x[2]^2-9y[2]x[1]^2x[2]^3
F2:= [[2x[1],x[2]^2], [x[2]^3],[4]]; -- 2x[1]x[2]^2+x[2]^3+4

[[[2x[1], x[2]^2], [x[2]^3], [4]]]

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