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General Remarks

  • Take the following remarks as a guidance to get started.
  • It's mainly an incomplete list of features that have to be tested, if you miss something, add it.

What to test

On Win, Linux 32 and 64, MacOS X:

  • Moccha (Standalone, Plugin, Update, WINstaller) + ApCoCoA (Server + BBFServer) + Documentation
  • Qt + ApCoCoA (Server + BBFServer) + Documentation

Test plans

In the week before the release we should test every time, a new candidate is available.

Moccha - Standalone

  • Download and unzip latest from here.
  • Test GUI features using a new workspace.
  • Test using an already existing workspace (one that was created with an older version). Check, that everything there is still there and works.
  • GUI functionalities to test:
    • Create new Project and files in the project (package, cocoa, interactive).
    • Work with the different editor windows: Send cocoa commands using Alt+Enter, the corresponding button and the menu entry.
    • Start the ApCoCoAServer and execute the ApCoCoA Test Suite:
      You'll find the tests under <library>/apcocoa/ts. See if there are tests covering your functionality. If not, add some tests.
    • History functionality in interactive editor window.
    • Code completion: see, if your own functions are all present.
    • Call the help system and look for some functions, see if your own functions are present, do full text search for your own functions.
    • Change the preferences and see if they are applied correctly (server port, userinit, colors,...).
  • Start the ApCoCoABBFServer and execute some commands (please note that there is not button in the GUI to start the ApCoCoABBFServer).

Moccha - Plugin

  • Download and install some eclipse version from eclipse.org.
  • Install the ApCoCoA Plugin from http://www.apcocoa.org/testupdatesite.
  • Test some of the GUI functionalities, at least, create a new project, an interactive file, start the server, and execute the Test Suite, check the documentation.

Moccha - Update

  • Download and install an old version of Moccha from here.
  • Create a project and some files, change some preferences.
  • Change the preconfigured update site to http://www.apcocoa.org/testupdatesite
  • Update Moccha.
  • See if everything works as expected.
  • Test some of the GUI functionalities; at least create a new project, an interactive file, start the server, and execute the Test Suite.


  • Download and install the Qt distribution.
  • Start the server and run the Test Suite (compare Moccha - Standalone for further instructions).

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs here.