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Based on the discussion on 22.11.2007 with Michael this page will contain a brief description on how to compile the ApCoCoALib under Windows.

Note: The compilation as described below will fail on the current repository version. The description only presents the general approach which will be made available with the next releases.

What is needed

In order to compile the ApCoCoALib on Windows several programs need to be installed prior compilation. The installation and reference of those programs will not described on this site. We refer to the official websites instead.


To get the latest releases we recommend to use mercurial as your repository client. In case you do not want to contribute to the project the current version can also be downloaded here.

Install Cygwin with the following components activated:

  • devel: mercurial
  • devel: python-brlapi
  • util: patch
  • editors: nano (or any other editor - optional)


Version 2003/2005 (for MatlabToolbox MSVC2005 is needed)

Source code

If you downloaded the source code from the repository website you can skip the next section "How to get source code from a repository". In case you use mercurial read the follwoing section.

Needed are the following repositories:

  • CoCoALib (e.g. CoCoALib-0.99)
  • ApCoCoALib (e.g. ApCoCoALib-devel)
  • MatlabToolbox (in case you need the MatlabToolbox-Interface)

How to get the source code from a repository

Open a cygwin command window and create a path you want to store your repositories to. Mercurial is operated by the hg command.

Check out: clone

To create a copy of your repository on your machine use the hg clone RepoLink command. RepoLink stands for the repository url. You can find the respository url as the link on the repositories index site. E.g. the url to the ApCoCoALib-devel repository is http://www.apcocoa.org/hg/ApCoCoALib-devel/

This command will create a subfolder on your computer and load all files from the selected repository.

This command needs to be run only once. To update the repository the command hg.pull is used.

Update: pull

Patches: import

Upload: commit

Patches: export

How to compile

Setting pathes