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If you encounter problems check out the forum: [http://www.apcocoa.org/forum/ ApCoCoA Forum]
If you encounter problems check out the forum: [http://www.apcocoa.org/forum/ ApCoCoA Forum]

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  • This site is set up to collect all necessary bits and pieces to compile the ApCoCoALib on Windows.
  • This description is made for compiling the ApCoCoALib with MSVC 2003/2005.


Before compiling the ApCoCoALib you need to install the following files/libraries:

  • CoCoALib: The ApCoCoALib is based on and extends the functionalities of the CoCoALib. You need to compile the CoCoALib prior to the ApCoCoALib.
    • Find a description on how to install the CoCoALib on Windows here.
    • This description is based on CoCoALib 0.99.25.
  • Blas and Lapack Library: You will need those libraries to enable a few features in the ApCoCoALib. The current Repository version of the ApCoCoALib needs you to have one of the following programms installed:
    • Matlab
    • Intel MKL
  • HG mercurial: You will need this software to download the latest ApCoCoALib from a repository. The ApCoCoALib is managed with the source control system mercurial. We will refer to TortoiseHG. TortoiseHG will install mercurial on your system and adds a context menu in the MS Explorer providing many of the needed functionalities.
    • Download TortoiseHG here.
    • A more detailed documentation on you how to use mercurial can be found here.
    • General information on the ApCoCoALib source code management can be found here.

Download Instructions

Get your prefered ApCoCoALib version (stable or developer) from the repo site. A brief instruction using TortoiseHG is:

  • Add a folder on your local harddisk for the local repo copy.
  • Open the context menu entry TortoiseHG->Clone a repository.
    • As the source path copy the selected link from the repo site.
    • As the destination path select your created folder.
    • Start the download of the ApCoCoALib with the clone button.

Compilation Instructions

Config File

Prior to compilation you have to adjust the configuration file. Open the file makefile.vc.conf in the configuration subfolder. Set the pathes accordingly. To use the Intel MKL uncomment line 11 and 14 by removing the # and comment line 09 and 13 by adding a #.

# Adjust the following names and pathes
_COCOALIB_INCLUDE = ..\..\..\CoCoALib-0.9918\include
_GMP_INCLUDE= C:\Programme\gmp-4.2.2\build.vc8\lib\Win32\Release
# Use the LAPACK/BLAS Libs provided with 
_LB_INCLUDE = C:\Programme\MATLAB\R2007b\extern\include
#or Intel MKL
#_LB_INCLUDE = C:\Programme\Intel\MKL\9.0\include
                  -DUSEMatlab -D__MSVC__
#		  -DUSEIntelMKL -D__MSVC__

Note: All pathes shown here are relative pathes to the ApCoCoALib folder.


Open a Visual Studio command prompt and change to your local ApCoCoALib folder. Use the nmake command to compile the ApCoCoALib:

nmake -f Makefile.vc ApCoCoALib

To show all available targets call

nmake -f Makefile.vc


If you encounter problems check out the forum: ApCoCoA Forum