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Tries to plot the given data


GnuPlot.Plot(Data, NumVars)


This function tries to plot the input using Gnu Plot.

Data itself is a list containing the description of the graphs to be plotted simultaneously. One of these data elements is composed of a list with three entries. The first entry is the actual data. The second entry is a string that selects the color used for drawing the graph (e.g. "green", "yellow", ...) and the third entry specifies the key which will be displayed in the drawing. The actual data can be a list of points or a polynomial/ rational function in the variables x and y. NumVars can either be 1 or 2 and specifies the number of variables.


--Plots some points in red
GnuPlot.Plot([[[[1,1],[2,2],[3,3]],"red","Graph 1"]],1);
--Plots the graph of two polynomials
GnuPlot.Plot([[x^2+x+1,"red","Graph 1"],[-3x^2-x-2,"blue","Graph 2"]],1);
--Plots a rational function in 3D
GnuPlot.Plot([[x^2+x+1/x^2y^2,"red","Graph 1"]],2);