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This article is about a function from ApCoCoA-1. If you are looking for the ApCoCoA-2 version of it, see Package glpk/GLPK.BPMax.


Solving binary programmes by maximizing the objective function.


GLPK.BPMax(Objective_f:POLY, Inequations:LIST) :LIST


Please note: The function(s) explained on this page is/are using the ApCoCoAServer. You will have to start the ApCoCoAServer in order to use it/them.

  • @param Objective_f: A linear polynomial which is equivalent to the linear objective function.

  • @param Inequations: List of linear polynomials, which are equivalent to the conditions of the linear program of the form A <= 0.

  • @return List of linear polynomials, the zeros of the polynomials are the points where the optimal value of the objective function is achieved