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This article is about a function from ApCoCoA-1.


Computes a pseudo normal form of a differential polynomial.


DA.PseudoReduce(F:POLY, G:LIST):POLY


DA.PseudoReduce computes the pseudo normal form of the differential polynomial F wrt. the list G of differential polynomials.

  • @param F Differential polynomial for which to compute the pseudo normal.

  • @param G List of differential polynomials wrt. which the normal form of F has to be computed.

  • @return The pseudo normal form of F wrt. G.


Use QQ[x[1..1,0..20]];
Use QQ[x[1..1,0..20]], Ord(DA.DiffTO(<quotes>Lex</quotes>));
DA.PseudoReduce(x[1,1]^4+x[1,0], [x[1,0]^2+3x[1,0]]);