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How to contribute

ApCoCoA and ApCoCoALib is open source software. We like to invite everybody to contribute. Actually, currently the team is rather small and we are very happy for any help, not regarding which actual form is chosen.

In case you want to contribute code or a patch, no matter if CoCoAL-code or C++ code, please write in the forum. Do the same if you encounter any problems or find bugs. Details for contributions to ApCoCoALib are described at ApCocoALib:Contribute.

If you want to add something to CoCoA itself, please have a look at CoCoA:Contribute and CoCoALib:Contribute.

Details on contributing packages

The procedure for this kind of contributions is rather simple. Please leave a message at the forum's ApCoCoA-Developer board, stating what you want to contribute and attach the corresponding code (or send us the code in a later stage).

Other contributions

Each contribution is welcome! The best way to contribute something, which is not software, is to send a mail to one of us or leave a note in the forum.