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For known bugs, problem or any other issues, please consider ApCoCoA:KnownIssues.

The release number is usually identical to the current CoCoALib release. Consequently, certain releases might be skipped.

ApCoCoA Changelog


  • rename namespace numerical to NumericalCore
  • remove Tmp prefix from src and include directories
  • add Ap to header guards
  • correct COPYING, add copies of GPL and FDL to appropriate directories
  • remove RCS logs from various files.

0.99.06 was skipped.

0.99.05 - initial release

The original release (Version: 0.99.5, analog to the CoCoA Library) contains the following:

  • a FGLM implementation by Stefan Kaspar
  • an implementation of the border basis algorithm, as described by Achim Kehrein and Martin Kreuzer, also written by Stefan Kaspar
  • an implementation of the approximate Buchberger Moeller Algorithm
  • the NumericalFoundation which provides a thin abstraction layer for BLAS and Lapack

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