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    <short_description>retrieve objects from ApCoCoABBFServer</short_description>
Retrieve computed objects from ApCoCoABBFServer. The input to this function must be the name of the object to retrieve. If an object has not been computed yet an empty list is returned.
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! <tt>ObjectName</tt> (as <tt>STRING</tt>) !! Output
| <tt>BBasis</tt> || List of polynomials representing a border basis.
| <tt>L</tt> || List of monomials representing the generators of L.
| <tt>O</tt> || List of monomials representing the generators of O.
| <tt>V</tt> || List of polynomials used for computations in the Border Basis Algorithm.
Please not that in order to use this function you have to start the ApCoCoABBFServer.
Use Z/(32003)[x, y, z],DegLex;
I:=Ideal(-4*x^2, -4*y^2, 5*z^2);
Computation started.
[z^2, y^2, x^2, yz^2, y^2z, xz^2, xy^2, x^2z, x^2y, xyz^2, xy^2z, x^2yz]
    <see>Border Basis Framework overview</see>

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