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This article is about a function from ApCoCoA-1.


Computes a box order ideal.




Computes the box order ideal of type D=[D_1,..,D_N]. The input is a list of integers D of length NumIndets(). The output is a list of terms sorted in ascending order with respect to the current term ordering.

  • @param D List of integer values representing an exponent vector of a term. The order ideal spanned by the term represented by this exponent vector will be computed.

  • @return A list of terms of the order ideal spanned by the term represented by the exponent vector D, sorted in ascending order w.r.t. the current term ordering.


Use QQ[x,y,z];

[1, z, y, x, yz, xz, xy, x^2, xyz, x^2z, x^2y, x^2yz]